To build the impossible

Muppet critics TeslaMondo

“The question is, will they do something crazy with Model III? No, the question is, will we LIVE to see Model III?”

You know this plot by now:

Act 1. Automaker pulls open the curtain and shows a stunning concept with very risky styling, unprecedented gee-wiz features and mammoth performance specs.
Act 2. The curtain closes. The automaker goes to work on making it real. The audience is silent, rapt. Could it be? Could it be?
Act 3. The curtain re-opens. The audience moans, shrugs and dribbles out of the theater. Sure enough, the automaker lost its balls and built just another variation of whatever’s trendy. Gone are the risky styling, unprecedented gee-wiz features and mammoth performance specs. It’s yet another me-too-mobile.

With that in mind, let’s look at the latest headlines. They question the Model X’s long incubation period behind the curtain, and its price tag, and the rationale behind the falcon wings, and the validity of the bio-defense thing, and the necessity of the beyond-panoramic windshield, and the wisdom of green-lighting such a wild n’ crazy vehicle.

Tesla’s own CEO asks aloud if perhaps he went off the deep end in a wayward mission to engineer the un-engineerable. He didn’t phrase it that way, but too bad. That’s how TeslaMondo heard it. And now TeslaMondo will answer that question:

Yes, you probably did spend too much time, money and energy in a Quixotic effort to build the impossible. But you built it. And as a result, for once in our lives, the vehicle in Act 3 made the audience jump up and roar. So add this to the growing list of Tesla firsts: You took a sacrosanct plot and lit a match to it, and we’re beyond grateful. Boy do we need you.


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