“Tesla” and “ad” should remain oxymoronic

Tesla ad TeslaMondo

Tesla’s lack of traditional advertising is its best advertisement. But amateurs create Tesla ads anyway. The motive is right-on, and the results could pass for pro product. Some obviously required a lot of time and energy, and money. Have they boosted sales? Who knows. Maybe they have. But TeslaMondo believes that Tesla’s maverick image requires something really radical. And unfortunately, the most radical of all ad campaigns is . . . no ads at all.

Attempt Number One
Attempt Number Two
Attempt Number Three
Attempt Number Four
Attempt Number Five
Attempt Number Six
Attempt Number Seven
Attempt Number Eight
Attempt Number Nine
Attempt Number Ten
Attempt Number Eleven


4 thoughts on ““Tesla” and “ad” should remain oxymoronic

  1. Neil says:

    You missed what is arguably one of the best


  2. M.H. Kane says:

    Meanwhile, ( tools for their greasy masters ) critics : Don’t offer inspiration, don’t offer better ideas, don’t offer better products, blame Tesla for obsolete power grids, blame Tesla for participating in the same system that other car companies have gamed for decades longer, spread F.U.D. on other blogs’ Tesla threads, … & etc.


  3. Riaan says:

    That should be included in any list…


  4. electrophile says:

    And the most dramatic of them all:


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