Tesla is Teflon to gas prices

As pointed out here multiple times, Tesla does not primarily sell “fuel” economy, ROI formulae, greenness or any such cerebral fare. First and foremost, it sells dirty ol’ excitement. This new chart at IBT (scroll down) reminds us of something that even a vocal Tesla “cheerleader,” Adam Jonas from Morgan Stanley, sometimes forgets: Tesla is Teflon to the price of crude, and that won’t change with the III.

Tesla immune to gas prices TeslaMondoResponding to commenters:

Does Tesla have an unfair advantage in this comparison? Is the Model S somehow fresher while the others are lame-duck designs that are winding down production in preparation for new and improved replacements? Well, let’s compare shelf time:

Model S debut: June 2012
Chevy Volt debut: December 2010
Nissan Leaf debut: December 2010
Ford Fusion Energi debut: January 2013
Plug-in Prius debut: January 2012

The Model S is about the same age as the others. But Tesla does indeed have an advantage in product freshness. Tesla has improved the Model S’ physical and mental abilities multiple times on the fly — even over the air — instead of subjecting itself, and its customers, to the obsolescence cycle. Is that unfair? No. Same playing field. One winner.

Here’s hoping all of the players make progress in their next iterations.


4 thoughts on “Tesla is Teflon to gas prices

  1. Zach says:

    It’s also inane to not point out that 2nd-gen Volts & LEAFs are just around the corner, which are slamming current Volt, LEAF, & competitor sales. Also, production on the PiP seems to have fallen off or consumers have just realized it’s one of the worst plug-in options. I wonder what that site will say when the next-gen LEAF & Volt boost sales dramatically. 😉


  2. RexxSee says:

    Maybe it’s the other way around, announcing new version one full year ahead is a sale killer, especially if you do not make big liquidation sales of the old model. And we have also to account for the lack of availability at dealerships.


  3. BEP says:

    It’s so funny to hear US Americans discuss and worry about small changes in their fuel prices. Often they don’t realize the prices there are so unashamedly low compared to the rest of the developed* world.
    Funny link: http://www.globalpetrolprices.com/gasoline_prices/

    *whatever that means.


  4. RexxSee says:

    Or High…


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