Did you catch that?

Stand-in for Sergey TeslaMondo

At 27:43 you’ll hear Elon greet this woman by asking, “Stand-in for Sergey?” That’s a reference to his friend, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, according to Bloomberg. Apparently that Model X belongs to him.

Ultrasonic sensor TeslaMondo

At 20:00, you’ll hear Elon say dryly, “We actually developed a new ultra-sonic sensor that’s able to do sonar through metal.” Awesome stuff. Quintessential Tesla! If presented by an experienced, glib showman, this crucial feature, which makes the falcon doors work without ugly exposed sensors, would have gotten a more dramatic build-up and applause trigger. But presented by an engineer, it received little more than glazed silence from the audience. In fact, it required a second explanation. And that head-scratching reaction foreshadowed stock market response today. A bombshell of a vehicle somehow made a tiny splash. It’s going to take a while to digest this totally alien transportation device and its significance. Last year, the dual-motor powertrain unveiling actually cratered TSLA stock until the importance of the “D” finally sank in. At least the X eked out a green response of 0.71% from the market.

Ghost chauffeur TeslaMondo

At 2:05, the ghost chauffeur apparently commits a faux pas and re-opens the driver’s door for no good reason. TeslaMondo thinks this auto-presenting door feature may prove useful for the rare moments when you have both hands full, but will end up getting shut off by most owners after a few oopsies like this. Gotta be sure your car is, in fact, SHUT when you want it shut.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 6.41.17 AM

At 14:50, when Elon powers the second-row seats forward, the driver’s seat tilts forward. Does the bottom slide forward too? Can’t tell. Will the same happen on the more relevant curb side of the vehicle, where people SHOULD access the vehicle most often?

Jurvetson Model X TeslaMondo

At 28:45, that’s Steve Jurvetson taking delivery of VIN #2. He also happens to own the first production Model S. Later he posted a couple of videos from within the X. One shows raindrops cascading UP and OVER the windshield.

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