Falcon wings vid raises two questions

  1. Why does the guy shove the door shut?
  2. Why are people annoying?

Falcon wings open TeslaMondoTesla Jelly TeslaMondo


3 thoughts on “Falcon wings vid raises two questions

  1. Tom Villars says:

    The tail lights have issues as well (uneven and don’t line up) so I’m thinking this an older mule and may not even be off the new production line but this is obviously a guess.

    As to manually shutting the door, it might not be possible to fully automate closing the door as you’d run the risk of pinching off someone’s finger or toes. If the final version is fully automated I’ll be very curious to see how they do it.


  2. wipster56 says:

    Who said he “had” to? Maybe he wanted to because it took too long.. Maybe it’s regulations (do you recall any other car auto shutting their passenger doors?) I don’t recall that happening any time I’ve seen the X on stage

    On Sat, Sep 26, 2015 at 2:24 PM, TeslaMondo wrote:

    > rwfahey posted: “Why does the guy manually shove the door shut? Click > image to watch video. “


  3. Dave says:

    It’s a test mule, not a final production model. And the tail lights are not crooked. They’re just asymmetrically covered.


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