“Dealer” is becoming a dirty word

BMW center TeslaMondoUsed cars long ago became “pre-owned.” Ahh — much better. The word “used” befits tissues and toilet paper, right?

Well, now it seems the word “dealer” is morphing into “center” — at least at BMW. And BMW salespeople are “client advisors” according to the small white print in this ad. Hmm. Tesla on the brain, BMW? You are indeed rolling out a new breed of mall-ish stores, right? Lexus is pondering too.

One thought on ““Dealer” is becoming a dirty word

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    Heh Heh …He said : ” becoming ” No, but seriously : look at all the dealer employees spreading F.U.D. on Autoblog to see that ” dealer ” was already earned as a slur.


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