A fresh start for gas cars? Too late.

Audi Tesla-Killer Diesel

Pulled off the store shelves due to fraud. Sorry, Anton.

The Porsche CEO who said in May that he knows nothing about Tesla, but then proclaimed great respect for Tesla in September — yes, that guy — is now going to steer VW from the inky waters of deception to the sparkly, turquoise lagoon of truth, as VW’s new crisis-conquering CEO.

Meanwhile, TeslaMondo predicts other automakers will fess up to similar EPA-duping shenanigans, and soon. We’ve seen this with big recalls. One company issues a scary-sounding recall that generates press; others soon follow while attention is diverted. And so everyone’s dirty laundry tends to zing along the clothesline all at once. Doubtless VW is not alone in cheating the sniff test. And automakers also fudge gas mileage. Ask Hyundai and Ford. The NYT just wrote a pretty good history of automaker trickery. What a dirty business, trying to peddle machines that drink too much and fart too much.

VW’s crisis may even distract Porsche from its mission. What mission? Mission E. That’s the Porsche attempt to leapfrog the Model S — a car born in 2012 and doubly potent by 2015 — with a car that won’t exist until circa 2020. Even a few months’ delay at Porsche could allow Tesla to widen its lead. Musk just told a Danish reporter that Tesla expects to push driving range by five to 10 percent per year (skip to 7:15). Performance and reliability don’t stand still either.

Anyway, assuming TeslaMondo is correct about other automakers coming clean about dirty tricks, this could REALLY make ordinary consumers want to ditch the whole scene for a car that’s exciting to look at and drive, and doesn’t stink up the joint — like, say, the Tesla Model III.

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