Tesla makes Koenigsegg scratch his head

Koenigsegg Tesla Supercharger speech TeslaMondoIn another sign of the ICE apocalypse, Christian von Koenigsegg, whose eggish noggin has conceived of some equally ovoid ICE vehicles of great potency, yet whose daily transport is a Model S, and who personally blessed a new Supercharger in Sweden, has invented an entirely novel battery-electric powertrain and married it to a good ol’ V8.

The result is the Regera, described in some detail here if you scroll down a bit. Tesla’s sphere of influence is . . . scary. What could Musk and Koenigsegg accomplish as a pair? Anything worthwhile? Or would they just argue about whose orb has better ideas?

Koenigsegg Regera TeslaMondo

3 thoughts on “Tesla makes Koenigsegg scratch his head

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