Powerwall to hit brick wall down under?

One of the many Tesla paradoxes is that energy storage both helps AND hurts power companies, depending on the angle of view. From one angle, it potentially negates expensive “peaker” plants that do nothing but handle peak demand. Demand becomes less “peaky,” you see. From the other angle, it empowers the consumer to become more of an energy “island.” Yikes.

This article implies Australian power utilities see a half-empty glass, at best, as Tesla prepares to deliver batteries by the end of this year. In fact, Aussie utils might attempt to ban Powerwall, Tesla’s consumer storage solution. Gee, will the same utilities ban Powerpack, Tesla’s utility-grade solution? TeslaMondo reached out to the article’s author. Maybe we’ll get an answer to that fundamental question, without which the article probably shouldn’t exist.

About 2.4 million Australian households are willing to spend up to $10,000 on a home battery system if the payback period for the investment is 10 years, according to a survey by AlphaWise (Morgan Stanley’s in-house survey arm) of 1,602 in March. Morgan Stanley has predicted doom for Aussie power companies, thanks to Tesla.

TeslaMondo has predicted Australia will become the next Norway for Tesla. But will a legal battle happen first?

One thought on “Powerwall to hit brick wall down under?

  1. purrpullberra says:

    More ‘conservative’ idiots trying to force everyone to live with the status quo. These people should be fought hard. I’m so proud Tesla fights these fights for the consumer. Let’s hope the keep on winning and barreling through the opposition.


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