Don’t fear the reaper

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That’s Timmy rapping on our chamber door.

Just when Tesla sent invitations to its Model X launch, and TSLA started climbing, the WSJ published a piece about an Apple car coming in 2019. Did those two things happen simultaneously (just hours apart) by chance? Or did Tesla know the WSJ was about to go to press and hurriedly send out Model X invites? Or did someone at Apple decide to spill a few beans “at the right time” to douse Model X mania? Or did the WSJ sit on the information until it decided it was “the right time”?

We’ll never know. So we move on . . .

First of all, if Apple does go electric, it’s a BIG VOTE for EVs and all players therein. By 2019, the alleged debut year of the Apple car, the fuel cell camp might have more membership. People might be starting to think it has a future. Apple’s vote for battery electric will make fuel cells seem rather esoteric at best.

Second, an Apple car would invite everyone to move away from the legacy automakers and think fresh. Apple won’t be the only beneficiary of this new consumer attitude toward car-buying, or renting, or using, or wherever we’re all headed.

Third, even if Apple debuts a car in 2019, Tesla will have massive street presence by that point. It will have Model III prowling about and who knows what in the on-deck circle. And does anyone really believe 2019 is realistic for a total newbie in the industry?

Fourth, Tesla will have the advantage of home-grown car construction including home-grown batteries, and a home-grown supercharger network, and a stationary storage business that by 2019 may prove very profitable. Yeah, sure, Apple has a few electronic devices it peddles on the side for beer money. Big deal.

Fifth, the addressable market is the entire world’s automotive fleet. There’s room for more than one juggernaut.

If you can think of any other reasons not to fear Apple, chime on in.

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9 thoughts on “Don’t fear the reaper

  1. purrpullberra says:

    I’ve got a great reason to not fear Apple: Steve Jobs is dead. Apple has done nothing innovative or even market busting in years with most of their offerings being market failures.
    They have one dominant product and one eponymous product that loses share daily and then they are nothing, no cloud presence, no desktop presence, no living room presence yet, Apple TV has been a loser. They make terrible software that only works because the devices aren’t even capable of much. It’s hard to mess up when all you do is count to three!
    So the Apple EV will feature: premium looking seating for 4 that will only hold 2 comfortably, it will require car seatcovers that will cost a lot of money. The glass and dash will ‘look like jewelry'(?) cuz I hear that aboot Apple crap All. The. Time.
    And it will be late, ultimately it will be an extraordinary failure and lose Apple $5-10billion cash, stock losses of $100-200 billion. Tim Cook will lose his job and contemplate suicide.
    Nothing to fear at all.


  2. Mike S. says:

    A $100-billion, ever-replenishing cash hoard? The ability to design, source and then buy up all the world’s supply of extremely specialized, market-defining tooling and productions techniques (see: unibody-everything in the Apple mobile lineup)? Proven decades-long ability to design, make and deliver world-class mobile electronics with a full-stack approach to design, build, sell and support?

    Yeah, Apple can — and actually might — get into EVs. But if it follows their pattern, they will wait for others to try and fail in revolutionizing the market, and then enter with a completely counter-intuitive but obviously superior and brilliant approach that quickly clears the high end of the market.

    To the genius posting above as “purrpullberra,” there are only a few things Apple has done since Tim Cook became CEO. In fact, here are a few things JUST in the past 2.5 years, none of which we can say for sure Steve Jobs had any hand in while he was alive: HealthKit, Research Kit, Apple Watch, Yosemite, El Capitan, iOS 8, iOS 9, the HBO streaming deal, the astounding new MacBook, the new MacBook Pro, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, blockbuster quarterly sales and earnings, opening a new retail store every six days, the new Photos app, the IBM partnership for Enterprise, Apple Pay, the 27-inch iMac with Retina 5k Display, iCloud Drive, the new Mac mini, the new Apple TV, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, iPad Pro, eighth annual iTunes Festival in London, the first-ever iTunes Festival in the US, the Beats Music acquisition, returning over $150-billion in cash to shareholders in the past 24 months, CarPlay integration now confirmed for all of the world’s leading car makers, $200-billion cash in the bank and no debt, iTunes Radio, iCloud Photo Library, the the new HQ campus, out-growing the industry in 39 of the last 40 quarters of PC sales, the 900% increase in AAPL stock price since iPhone introduction in 2007, the iPhone becoming the #1-selling smartphone in China, the new Mac Pro, the 7-for-1 stock split, declaring a quarterly dividend, and Tim Cook coming out as the first-ever openly gay Fortune 500 CEO), Apple has clearly lost the innovation edge they had while Steve was running the show.

    Clearly, Tim Cook has failed, and Apple is dooooomed. So say idiots since 1984.


  3. vfxx says:



  4. purrpullberra says:

    Funny Mike S. You didn’t mention anything important anywhere. Apple is a non-factor in almost every way except their mobile phone market. Not one multi billion dollar field invented since Jobs died. It’s all flailing and desperate stabs in the dark that all fail to turn into anything special. Half the things you mention aren’t showing Apple doing anything! An HBONow exclusivity period impresses you? What a freaking tool! LOL in ur face!
    And name how any of that relates to building cars and trustworthy technology and software.
    Apple software is buggy as hell and not powerful in any way.
    Tesla leads the whole car industry by 5-7 years. apple is even further behind.
    But please keep praising Cook for making nothing worthwhile.
    What a fanboy with no scope or ability to unlatch from Cook’s cock (I’m gay, I can say it).
    Nothing new or innovative or safe has been built by Apple. Why would anyone over pay for an Apple car when a Tesla is better and less expensive?
    Cuz it’s Apple?!?
    Thanks for the laugh you Apple nut case.


  5. Mike S. says:

    My, purrpullberra, you are so well-informed, so articulate, and so rational in your business analysis that it leaves me in awe. Never before have I seen such clarity of thought, such detailed insight, and so little need to resort to ad hominem attacks. You are a wise and learned man, indeed.

    So that I may further educate myself, would you please grant me the benefit of your wisdom on this one question: which company in the technology field is finding more success in more areas of the business than Apple?

    I await your clear and rational response with bated breath.


  6. purrpullberra says:

    MikeS. it seems very much like your personality is invested in Apple’s greatness and that you take it very personally when others point out Apple problems or failures. That’s not healthy btw.
    But I can answer the question. Tesla is doing more, better than Apple is doing anything right now. They took off the shelf, normal tech but put it together in such a way as they changed the world. Sound familiar? Like Apple with the last 2 things they made great, iPhone & iPad.
    Tesla has innovated: long range EV’s, over the air updates, direct sales, profitless maintenance plan, building the GF, a new company called Tesla Energy, Supercharging standard, Supercharging network, “destination” chargers,
    Microsoft has developed more billion dollar businesses than Apple has ever had.
    Facebook is eating up chunks of the web and seeing more eyeballs than gaze upon Apple products. Xiaomi and OnePlus are building better gadgets than Apple that cost a small fraction of what Apple charges, stealing millions of customers from Apple.
    See, Apple has no great success outside their phones and, sort of, their iPads.
    Seriously, you cite OS’s and concerts as big Apple products!?!
    You cite overpaying for Beats (which are pure shit products btw, absolutely terrible products) as some sort of success when nobody else is that stupid.
    Every new venture Apple has started since the iPhone and iPad were released are minor, they don’t work very well and/or are a failure for Apple.
    See, you don’t get to have it both ways. You can’t say Apple is the biggest company in the world AND when they fail say it is no big deal, cuz you know, Apple.
    Everything you cite besides phones and tablets are miniscule little jokes, not successful Apple products.
    And finally, there is no other company on Earth that is as dependent on one product for all their glory and revenue and profits.
    Is Apple impressive in many ways? Sure, you bet. Rich, powerful? Yes. They’ve also been responsible for such hard business practices that no one else makes any money building Apple products. People who make Apple products are slaves. No one else in the industry does what Apple does because no one else has the power Apple does.
    So isn’t Apple responsible for all the suicides and misery at all the Foxconn dorms?
    Isn’t Apple the reason all those nets have been put up to prevent people from jumping to their blessed deaths? To prevent PR, not to make these people’s lives better. Apple could decide to pay all the slavers enough money to live on but they don’t.
    How decent is that of your precious company?
    Anyway, is Apple some powerful technology juggernaut? LOL NO what planet are you from They fail more than they succeed, just like everyone else.
    Plus, remember what we are commenting on: “reasons to fear OR NOT FEAR Apple entering another field they have no experience in”.
    I have laid out a well thought out and well described set of reasons that show Apple is not really a threat to do anything but sell a lot of phones and tablets, and…. not much else at all.
    I’m not sensing a lot of intelligence or reasonableness from you, maybe that’s cuz your nose is bent out of shape due to my non-flattering portrayal of Apple’s business outside of phones and tablets.
    Concerts, exclusive access to media and OS updates are not Apple successes. They’ve failed with their radio, watch, cloud and various other areas.
    Apple is no longer selling tech “that just works”. Their stuff is as bad as anyone else’s.
    Apple is no longer selling anything that was safe from hacking or malware. Now they are the biggest target and biggest victim of hackers and malware.
    You need to see both sides of the coin sir. Apple is neato, for sure. But they are big failures in most things they’ve ever tried. I have every confidence that their eventual EV is going to be a failure that loses you all $10-20 billion.
    Tesla has nothing to fear from Apple trying to build an EV.


  7. Mike S. says:

    Yes, there is no doubt about it now: you are a true mastermind of business genius, even though you have most of your facts wrong and can’t seem to follow a topic of discussion.

    I am happy with my purchase of my first 1,000 shares of AAPL back in October of 1997, a month after Steve Jobs came back to the company, at a split-adjusted price of $0.56/share then. We have over 14,000 shares of AAPL now, having never sold a share while continuing to purchase more and more through the years, and as you know, the share price is a bit higher today than back then — so much so that we were able to retire debt-free 16 years early back in 2008 and continue to enjoy the share price appreciation and dividends from our AAPL shares. Our total share value appreciation on our AAPL stock is something close to $1,450,000 on an initial investment of $570 in 1997, so we don’t have too many complaints about the management or direction of the company.

    In fact, APPL share price has risen 114% since Tim Cook took over as CEO, which according to you has been a complete disaster. AAPL has managed to deliver a CAGR of 34.17% for us since 1997, which I believe is better than any other stock on the NYSE or NASDAQ, including Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, which we also own two “A” shares of. So I think the market, and more importantly, the billion-plus people who have purchased Apple devices in the past seven years, might have a different opinion of the company than yours. To each their own.

    I do agree with you that TSLA is a revolutionary company led by a workaholic, visionary, fanatical super-genius, and that’s why I also 250 share of TSLA and expect to buy many more through the years. I learned back in 1997 that it is best not to bet against the potential of a visionary, workaholic, fanatical super-genius. Jobs was one. Musk is another. That’s why I am also a part-owner of Tesla.

    But do not discount Apple’s intentions to explore the EV market. The world of technology is littered with the corpses of once-successful companies that underestimated Apple’s ability to disrupt their business models. Just ask Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, Microsoft, Roxio, Sony, Ericsson, Tower Records, Palm, HP, and a few dozen more. There is room in an $8-trillion market for more than one successful player.


  8. purrpullberra says:

    Mike:My you get really worked up for being so successful, kind of makes you seem very unsuccessful.
    You keep forgetting the basics here: THIS IS ABOUT TESLA FEARING APPLE.
    And the answer is simple TESLA DOESN’T FEAR APPLE A BIT.
    Stock talk like you get into is for those with other great personal shortcomings.
    Apple has been a corpse themselves as well don’t forget, they can easily become one too.
    And they have only one truly great success to ride into the future. Exactly half of what Tesla has going for them.
    So Tesla have nothing to fear from Apple. Your last fucking line actually agrees with me completely $8 trillion market means Tesla has nothing to fear since they lead everyone by a lightyear.
    You just can’t get past someone telling the truth that Apple isn’t a success outside phones and tablets and even the tablet part is falling apart.


  9. Mike S. says:

    Falling apart. Got it. Let’s check in again in two years and see how much further Apple has fallen apart.

    Of course Tesla doesn’t “fear” Apple; Musk has made it a point to state he wants competitors to drive EVs to the market by the millions. My point is that Apple is one company that is very well-positioned to help do that.


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