Tesla and China — a mutual invasion

This Old House TeslaMondoTesla’s invasion of China:

  1. Proliferating its retail business
  2. Scouting for Chinese partners
  3. Plotting a Chinese factory
  4. Tapping the White House for help with trade policy

China’s invasion of Tesla:

  1. Fisker, under new Chinese ownership, plotting an assembly plant in Moreno Valley
  2. Beijing Electric Vehicle Co, setting up near San Francisco
  3. SAIC Motor Corp, building a research facility in Silicon Valley
  4. NextEV has a research facility in Silicon Valley
  5. Faraday Future, which Tesla says is funded by Chinese money, is based near LA
  6. BYD makes electric buses in California

What to make of all this? Well, soon we’ll need some new product labels:

“Made in China, in California.”
“Made in California, in China.”

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One thought on “Tesla and China — a mutual invasion

  1. purrpullberra says:

    I don’t think many Americans are going to be tempted by Chinese knock-offs of EV’s. Knock-offs of less important accessories like shoes, toys and cheap gadgets are one thing. But the general public is going to educate themselves before buying an EV and very few will get past the ‘this is owned by China and/or the Chinese communist/capitalist government’ facts they’re sure to find in their EV research.
    Honestly, I think there should be opposing hurdles put in the way of all these other companies to help prevent the proliferation of what is likely to be unsafe and improperly built vehicles. And do it days before they plan on hitting the market, just putting a halt to everything, LOL. The busses should be challenged perhaps, maybe put through further testing. And maybe a requirement that each partner with American startups 50/50.
    How could they complain? They’ve done this to others for decades, let ’em see what it feels like.


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