Life after Model III

What will come next?

  1. A more “adventurous” Model III alter-ego?
  2. A new Roadster?
  3. A pickup truck?
  4. An even cheaper car?

We’ve already read that Tesla is thinking 1 then 2, or 2 then 1. TeslaMondo advises against 3 for a host of reasons. But what about 4? Doesn’t Tesla want the whole pricing spectrum? A lot of people cannot, or simply will not, spend over $30k on a car no matter how cool it is.

Once Gigafactory 2 comes online, why not take economy of scale one step beyond, into the low $20s or even high teens? Imagine a sexier, safer, greener, higher-performance alternative to a Camry — for the same $$. A rather compelling concept, no?

But could Tesla’s retail model handle this scale of business, as the demographic shifts from want-based to need-based? We’re talking about people who need wheels TODAY, not next month. Their other car was just totaled, or failed inspection, or needs a new transmission. If they can’t get a Tesla TODAY, they’ll buy a CamCord.

It seems at some point Tesla will need to offer on-site inventory, immediate delivery, immediate trade-ins and immediate financing. Sound familiar?

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6 thoughts on “Life after Model III

  1. Roberto says:

    Life after Model 3 will be life on Mars.
    Leave building and driving automobiles to those mere earthlings.


  2. John Doe says:

    Model 3 won’t be small and cheap enough to compete with Google autonomous car.
    So, my answer is 4: “An even cheaper car”.
    But it won’t be on sale. You will pay to use it, just like G car.

    Those who still will want to own a car will buy the more expensive ones (3, S, X, Roadster).


  3. driverbenji says:

    The Tesla Model 3 is going to completely shake up automobile market. The only carmakers that will survive long-term will be making 200+ mile range battery electric cars. These will most likely be Nissan, VW and, maybe GM, if they don’t screw up. All carmakers should be making battery electric cars, not hybrids, not plug-in hybrids, definitely not hydrogen fuel cell cars. ICE reached it’s maximum of efficiency long ago, it’s overly complex, obsolete, dead and needs to be completely fazed out. The carmakers take advantage of public ignorance maximizing on profits through financing, “extended warranties” (service contracts), the dealership model of making profits through the service department and their connection (addiction) to B.O.

    I know the reality is, those carmakers making PHEVs will survive, but, I wonder, for how long? They are milking a dead cow.

    Nissan has been smart to not bother with hybrids, but came out with the truly all electric Leaf, with upgrades, more models due by the time TM3 will be in production. VW is already working on an updated battery for the eGolf that will double it’s range, likely by the time Tesla Model 3 is in production. GM can be very “showy”, but, will their “Bolt” actually start out with 200 mile range at that low price? I doubt it. GM has really screwed up, back with the EV-1, then coming out with a HYBRID calling it the “Volt” and selling it as “all-electric”, the Chevy Spark EV is half-arsed, and going to be discontinued, not updated, but, GM does not try to sell either of these vehicles, so, wait and see for anything real from GM.

    That being said, and, yes, I know you are asking what next from Tesla. I think they will continue to make Model S, X and 3 for some time. I think we will see 3 and 2 or a coupe. Ford made an all electric Ranger back in EV-1 days, then crushed them, it was decent, from what I’ve heard. Elon Musk said he’d like to do a pickup. I’d like to see a smaller (not full-size) BEV pickup, off road, 4×4 on the market.


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