I spy: the X has no eyes

Model X headlights TeslaMondo

Eye treatment does make a difference.

They’re the windows to the soul, right? They say so much, without words. Yet we haven’t seen the Model X’s eyes. Tesla is STILL obscuring them while exposing everything else. The test vehicles aren’t mummified anymore — except for the lights. Even the online configurator offers butt-only views. This means Tesla plans to surprise us. Ok, so what could be so amazing about the headlights that they deserve to jump out of the birthday cake as a grand finale?

LEDs? Big deal. Even the 2015 Corolla has them. Tesla must transcend the norm here.

TeslaMondo wonders if there’s an “X” signature in those pupils somewhere, so everyone will know a Model X from a good distance, just by its “X” vision. A cheesy gimmick? Not if the “X” is subtle and appears inadvertent, unlike Jeep’s approach with the new Renegade’s taillights.

Don’t take this “X” theory to the bank or anything. The check might bounce.


2 thoughts on “I spy: the X has no eyes

  1. Brian says:

    Time to update your “Editor’s Picks” as the most recent is from 2014?

    Be sure and leave the “Move Over Tesla!” post.

    :^) Brian


  2. vfxx says:

    The X has been shown with the Led ring around the lights were as under, not over, like on the S. Franz said that it was because the bigger car warranted a different look.

    Someone posted a picture over a year ago of a MS at the Hawthorne Superchargers with a row of LED lights http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-MXOHx237_2s/VO07llBgeWI/AAAAAAAAAfs/bhCULPw34NA/s1600/New-Tesla-Model-S-next-generation-LED-headlights-2.jpg

    Elon’s occasional Dr Evil persona would surely make a car with frikin’ laser beams


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