Still wonder why Model X exists?

It should be very clear by now:

  • It brings home the bacon, as we’ve seen with today’s “sticker shock” schlock in the press.
  • Some people need to seat more than five adults on a regular basis, or at least think they do.
  • It shows Tesla is here to stay. Two-hit wonders tend to hang around.
  • It’s an engineering tour de force, and that’s a lot of freakin’ force in this case. We know just the tip of the iceberg, and it’s already scary. Those wild doors. That nutty-assed windshield. Those mysterious seats. The X will stun the world more than the S did, and that’s not easy.
  • The world has some athletic sedans, but very few athletic SUVs. The Model X’s performance credentials — unfair instant torque, unfairly low COG — will really shine among its classmates in the SUV class. Tesla’s margin of victory is about to get much fatter.
  • It makes everyone want a Tesla, just in time for Model III pre-orders early next year. You’ll want a Tesla badly enough to put down a few grand and wait in line for a couple of years.

Imagine — waiting all that time for a dream car that has no engine or exhaust note. Fair to say Tesla is altering the automotive landscape just a bit? From this point on, electric vehicles that seek equality with gas vehicles lack ambition. That’s a twist on an old Timothy Leary quote about feminists using men as some sort of benchmark. Puh-leeeze. Aim higher or stay home.

4 thoughts on “Still wonder why Model X exists?

  1. Brian says:



  2. Timmy says:

    I imagine I’m not the first to notice that when both Falcon doors are fully open (and viewed from a distance in front or behind) that they somewhat resemble Tesla’s “T” logo? Just by happy chance, I suppose.

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  3. rwfahey says:

    The original TeslaMondo banner utilized that very thing for the “T”

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  4. Zach says:

    I can’t wait to see how the Model X eats into premium SUV sales. Who the hell would buy anything else in that category?!


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