Model X windshield/roof is quite “singular”

Model X ful frontal nudity TeslaMondo

Model X color-matched windshield tint

Color-matched tinting?

Model X configurator interior TeslaMondo

The falcon doors disallow a traditional sliding moonroof by hogging the space over the second-row seats, where a moonroof would normally slide. So in lieu of moonroof, it seems Tesla will employ a mega-windshield extending up over the driver’s head. No wonder earlier mules had this roof transition carefully masked in white paper. All part of the strip tease.

This should make the X slip through the air like a blob of mercury flung across a freshly-waxed linoleum floor.

Will it have smart glass, which dims on demand, as seen in the SpaceX tour below? Other high-end marques — Lincoln, Mercedes, Cadillac — use it for some of their moonroofs. Imagine Model X with a precision dimmer control via the touch screen. Neat-O.


And notice something missing from EVERY MODEL X thus far? No windshield wipers, front or rear. Of course, those could be:

  1. Well-hidden.
  2. Simply not attached yet.

Regarding the “mouth,” Tesla seems to have solved a design problem for electric vehicles, which goes like this: “We don’t need any front air intake, yet current auto design dictates an ever-more agape mouth.” Tesla solved the problem tastefully, as with the Model S, by using yer basic fakery.

So now that we see the Model X essentially nude, TeslaMondo sees admirable adherence to the concept Model X, and a reassuring family resemblance to the Model S. Tesla now has a design language. A “look.” And it works.

Model X concept TeslaMondo

See? No place for a moonroof to retract, so the windshield does double-duty. How will the X remain crashworthy? Yet another X mystery.


8 thoughts on “Model X windshield/roof is quite “singular”

  1. purrpullberra says:

    The door handles are still not lined up perfectly. Missing wipers is strange, I don’t get that. But I think Tesla was able to do unique things with the ModelX structure because the ModelS basics underneath are so strong. Exactly how they do it will be interesting to see.
    But overall it looks gorgeous.


  2. Chris says:

    You make a mistake. On the last picture you can see the front windshield wiper blades. You have to zoom in 😉


  3. Steven says:

    Windshield wipers are there, but where are the mirrors?


  4. rwfahey says:

    That bottom image is the concept version.


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  6. […] its nose cone but little else changed. The panoramic roof surprised us only because we failed to notice it until months before production. It was hiding in plain sight. In sum, Tesla bravely showed all […]


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