Tesla the Google king in China

Google says from April 2014 to March 2015, Tesla won Norway (expected) and China (unexpected). Is the trend still alive? If so, it can’t hurt. Chinese people are at least curious. That’s the first step to killing the cat, you know.

But perhaps the biggest mystery is why New Zealand has a Love Jones for Mitsubishi.

Looking forward, TeslaMondo predicts Australia will soon replace the Toyota “T” with the Tesla “T.”

Tesla most searched in China


3 thoughts on “Tesla the Google king in China

  1. BEP says:

    Oh yeah, it’s so useful to base a statistic on Google search data, especially here in China.


  2. […] course, note that the results come from Google (presented by Top Speed, via TeslaMondo). Google isn’t the default search engine in China, ya know? Still, though, the finding is […]


  3. […] to TeslaMondo, from April 2014 through March 2015, Tesla was more searched on Google in Norway and China than any […]


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