Consumer Reports should tone it down

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“Sport? Nope. Insane! YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!”

Cold, sterile praise — the usual Consumer Reports modus for a superior product — would have lauded Tesla just fine with no backlash. But CR instead humped the P85D, became a sweaty, grunting Howard Dean, and spilled its seed.

Tisk tisk. No matter how awesome the car, CR, you must keep your poker face on. Passion in the wrong measure means either you’ve gone off the deep end, or you’re trying to sell something.

The WSJ is going with the latter theory. It accuses CR of colluding with Tesla in a larger agenda to boost EVs. And lesser publications are microwaving the WSJ piece and serving it again.

This is not CR’s finest hour. By overdoing the praise for the Model S, it has invited scrutiny. This won’t kill CR the way it killed Dean, but it’s a valid lesson about keeping it in your pants. The morning after can get ugly. TeslaMondo saw signs of odd giddiness on the part of CR staffers when they first tried the D. Perhaps Tesla should have called it the LSD. It seems to cause similar life-altering epiphanies.

Irony: For many years — all through the 80s and 90s — CR was constantly accused of having anti-American bias. Then again, who didn’t have an anti-American bias? Detroit was stinking up the joint.

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One thought on “Consumer Reports should tone it down

  1. purrpullberra says:

    My personal thoughts about this specifically is that it is all good, any reputation or name recognition they get of a positive tone the better. As to the negative aspects, I firmly believe the negatives do not matter. There will always be those who are going to hate on Tesla for a variety of cherry-picked ‘reasons’. Wasting time and energy trying to kill all secondary negative stories would waste more time than it would be worth. Trying to avoid them is pointless too imho. And Tesla doesn’t need 100% likability.
    In the sense that Tesla is only one company and that they have yet to focus on building up an order list of 100,000’s this kind of hyper-praise is a much bigger positive than the secondary negatives. And as far as I can tell the only people this anti-tesla undercurrent appeals to are folks who are already unlikely Tesla customers. And even then, I think the cars are likely to continue to be so good that those people will eventually see the light. And I think the business case is so sound that the business-types will eventually see the light too.
    I think about all the anti-Tesla trolls that used to populate the AB and ABG forums who have all disappeared and it has to be that their rabid opposition has faded or burned out, whatever. Other than dealer groups I can’t see where there is going to be a concerted anti-Tesla effort being kept up that makes any significant effect.
    The backlash for CR will fade too. They should’ve pressed to make clear on how this score was achieved was due to previous cars terrible fuel economy relative to performance. Emphasizing 103/100 was unhelpful I suppose.


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