Broke another restraint, did ja?

Tesla in Manhattan TeslaMondoTesla has now broken:

  1. The mold for electric vehicles.
  2. The century-old franchise system.
  3. A roof strength-testing machine.
  4. A dynamometer.
  5. The NHTSA crash test scoring system.
  6. The Consumer Reports rating system.

TeslaMondo went silent for a few days this week while vacationing in Manhattan. Got an interesting pic, anyway.


4 thoughts on “Broke another restraint, did ja?

  1. Brian P. says:

    I didn’t notice you were gone. In a good way.

    This is a great phto and post.

    Oh Tesla, to think people say it will never work.


  2. Ayyy lamo says:

    Why not link to the stories or videos about what you mentioned?


  3. rwfahey says:



  4. purrpullberra says:

    Nice pic. Hope you had a great vaca!


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