“Surprisingly unique” features smack of Q

Q Lotus Esprit TeslaMondoWhen Q introduced a tricked-out Lotus Esprit S1 — the one lurking in Tesla’s design studio as we speak — to James Bond in “The Spy Who Loved Me,” he mentioned the car’s “rather special accessories.” Well, Tesla just told bankers at a conference that Model X has “surprisingly unique” features. Uncannily parallel language, eh?

We’ve already seen the Model X’s trick rear winglet. But something else is going on with the fickle second row seat, beyond “sculptural beauty.” It must have unique functions, and those functions are hard to “get right” as Musk has observed. See, it’s not hard to “get right” the installation of a vehicle seat, no matter how pretty it is. You bolt the darned thing in place. Clearly this second row Model X seat is more than pretty. It’s alive somehow. But how?

Model X second row seats TeslaMondo

Thank you, Tom Villars.

Oh, and regarding the dilution of shares from the additional offering — it’s obviously no match for the shock and awe of Model X. The mere mention of “surprisingly unique” features erased dilution concerns and caused a nice boost in share price.

Model X features TeslaMondo

3 thoughts on ““Surprisingly unique” features smack of Q

  1. Tom Villars says:

    I thought is was common knowledge the second row seats will fold (and/or rotate) to allow passengers to quickly get to the third row.



  2. purrpullberra says:

    I love the stock offering although I think they could’ve waited until the ModelX is shown off and gotten an extra $30 a share.
    The pic of the second row seats don’t show off anything that would be worthy of all the hype. BUT then I read Mr. Villars comment and BOOM !!!! Now THAT makes sense. I’ve been saying/thinking ‘nothing can be THAT special about a second row of seats!’. Well, if the seats/chairs/row(?) move, twist or contort to help aid access that could be the perfect answer.
    And to Mr. Villars I’d say I’m kind of happy that the general public aren’t staying in tune with Tesla to the point that everything going on in the factory that gets talked about by serious enthusiasts gets into mainstream press articles.


  3. CollapsingSeats says:

    The falcon doors allow 3rd row access without moving the second row. Based on the slots in the floor it looks like they can be moved fully forward and spoon the front seats for cargo room.


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