Another Tesla paradox for the pile

Following up on a post from February, it’s time to add another Tesla paradox.
1.Tesla might use franchised dealers someday.
And yet it might use a secret weapon against dealers.
2.Tesla’s stationary batteries will hurt utility companies.
And yet they will help utility companies.
3.Tesla builds exciting cars to drive.
And yet it will remove driver input by ushering self-piloting cars.
4.Tesla is a drain on the American taxpayer.
Yet it’s hiring a lot of Americans and building world-beating cars.
5.Tesla hires official spokespeople.
Yet Elon delivers every remotely important statement himself.
6.Tesla was worth too much last fall, said Elon.
Yet in a few years it will be worth about $700 billion, says Elon.
7.Tesla wants competing EVs.
Yet Elon literally laughed at offerings by BYD and BMW in Bloomberg interviews.
8.TSLA investors steadfastly argue that Tesla cannot be valued on sales volume.
Yet its share price crashed almost nine percent today primarily because of revised . . . sales volume.

3 thoughts on “Another Tesla paradox for the pile

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    Investors = bulls & bears & pigs get slaughtered. 😉


  2. purrpullberra says:

    I think the reason the stock fell is that the stock was going to go overboard either way, the run up has been wild (for a month or so). The main headline from the financials is a possible downward revision of yearly totals, a mild negative. So it dropped dramatically. But the stock isn’t any lower than it was a month ago. And at this point most/all of the bad juju is out and all that is coming soon will be the catalyst to the stock breaking $300.
    I think they’ll be at/near $400 when they show off the Model3. They’ll issue more stock, get a couple billion extra and announce the enlargement of the GF. Maybe announce a car factory there too.
    It’s all good.


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