Robotic Snake Charger striketh thee!

Tesla robot snake charger TeslaMondo

This has gotten plenty of press coverage, yet nobody seems to understand the point. It’s not simply to make it easier to charge. It’s to complement the car’s imminent autonomy. If the car will soon park itself in a garage, why not charge itself too?

And here’s an exclusive view from inside the vehicle’s charge port:



3 thoughts on “Robotic Snake Charger striketh thee!

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    I prefer the induction pad that came with my first production G-variant Roadster over that gadget. Too bad there was no G-variant Model S available ( No Model X too ) because the tooling was never transferred to the govermedia tools who take credit for other peoples work. 😛


  2. purrpullberra says:

    I love this so much even though I HATE snakes. I also happen to hate waste and so this appeals to me much more than the idea of going with induction. No offense to the other commenter. 🙂
    I wonder how much this will cost to install if it makes it into people’s garages.


  3. M.H. Kane says:

    @purrpullberra None taken, to each his or her own. Is it really waste if it is powered off-grid ? The snake ain’t ever cheap or reliable, just ask all of my ex’s 😛


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