A word from Neuman Securities

Alfred E. Neuman TeslaMondoTesla might not hit its 2015 volume goal of 55k vehicles — because Murphy’s law dictates that some component supplier at some point will cause a hiccup and cost Tesla a few days of production, pushing some units into early 2016 instead of late 2015. This is indeed a solid reason to sell TSLA — if you’re the type who won’t buy green bananas because the wait is just too long.

Here’s some reality: When the Model X configurator goes online later this month, nobody will care about Tesla’s annual volume tally. Today’s conference call will carry no more relevance than a month-old installment of Family Feud.ren and the red button TeslaMondo

This winter, TeslaMondo predicted you’d never again see TSLA under $200. Well, thanks to the overreaction we’re witnessing now, this summer will mark the last chance to buy it anywhere near $250. Anyone who presses the red Panic Sell button now is an eeeeediot!

Other bits of intrigue heard today:

  1. Tesla might someday launch an Uber-like spinoff business, or perhaps partner with Uber. How do we know? Musk declined comment on the subject, leaving the door ajar — probably on purpose. Coy, coy, coy!
  2. Tesla Energy hasn’t made much news since its debut, but it has quietly piled up reservations totaling $1B. Bah — antsy traders won’t recognize Tesla Energy until the cash starts hitting Tesla’s bank account.
  3. We should stop tossing around the word “driverless” when referring to autopilot. Airplanes aren’t “pilotless,” are they?
  4. That second-row Model X seat again received a special mention by Musk. Sheesh! How good can seats be? We’ll soon find out.
  5. Certified used Teslas raked in about $20M last quarter and put younger people under the Tesla spell.
  6. Five years ago, Tesla produced 800 cars per year. Now it can produce 800 in three days.

5 thoughts on “A word from Neuman Securities

  1. […] TeslaMondo: “Five years ago, Tesla produced 800 cars per year. Now it can produce 800 in […]


  2. […] TeslaMondo: “Five years ago, Tesla produced 800 cars per year. Now it can produce 800 in […]


  3. […] TeslaMondo: “Five years ago, Tesla produced 800 cars per year. Now it can produce 800 in […]


  4. Aron says:

    Who can resist such a beautiful shiny button!!! A jolly candy-like button!!!


  5. purrpullberra says:

    Their second and third sales of each car will net Tesla MORE than the first sale will. Until they unload that part of the biz. I bet that will be a key way the eventual Tesla “dealerships” will generate most of their operating revenue. Tesla themselves will want to get out of the used car business ASAP anyway I’d think. They’ll have plenty of revenue when Model3 and the GF are up and running, they’ll be wise to get rid of the headache.
    It’s amazing how so many things just seem to keep clicking into place for Tesla. This extra income when it really helps is more of the same.
    Starting when they got the factory and all the stuff to fill it at about 90% off all the way through the synergies with solar and Solar City to the creation of Tesla Energy due to the need for the GF. Even the ‘bring jobs home’ part of the political landscape is embodied best by Tesla.
    Not that these guys are perfect. But they’ve taken advantage (good and bad) of every opportunity to go for the bigger prize and it’s seemingly paid off exponentially.
    The original founders of Tesla could never have done all this on their own, imho.


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