Ten nagging Model X mysteries

Tesla Model X TeslaMondo1. Why do the falcon doors look slightly ajar in most photos?
2. Why is the nose still veiled while everything else is exposed? What’s behind that veil?
3. How does the windshield manage to seamlessly become the roof? A mere illusion, or a real Tesla feat?
4. The pop-up rear wing. Why? Besides Q factor.
5. The second-row seats that vexed Elon for so long. What super powers do they have?
6. Roof rack. Possible?
7. Side cameras instead of mirrors. Will the NHTSA ever emerge from its coma and rule on this?
8. How will the falcon doors open with snow/ice on the roof, and without dumping that snow/ice onto second-row passengers?
9. When the inevitable YouTube drag races begin, what crossover or SUV will pose even a slight challenge?
10. The myriad sensors for the falcon doors, (they monitor five zones). Where are they located?


7 thoughts on “Ten nagging Model X mysteries

  1. nea_caisa says:

    Because they’re stupid. They solve a problem nobody has: how to fit 5 kids in the car (in an era where average car occupancy is 1.001 and dropping). Musk made the genius move of making a car with technologies that were ripe and ignored by all others. However, nobody has yet held a candle light vigil for some stupid doors (be it seagull style, BMW M1 style, suicide, sliding or scissor style). They look bad because mechanically it makes no sense. I removes a huge deal of stiffness (the battery pack can do only so much to help with stiffness).
    Even if they work beautifully and they have a gazillion sensors, nobody needs it. They will just make the car more expensive. They don’t even work as a marketing tool like the lambo and seagull doors. Even the dumbest rapper out there with gold painted cars and spinning rims will think twice before taking one to one of the fill-in-the-blank awards in Hollywood.
    Musk himself admitted he had weird ideas for Model s like removing the back seat lights until his son told him it was stupid.
    Don’t confuse my rant to some rant of a EV or Tesla hater. I’m really a huge fan of EVs but stuff like that just doesn’t make sense and being such a high profile company, a flop with model x would just fuel the anti EV morons. I truly hope I’m wrong.


  2. M.H. Kane says:

    1) Maybe they are ajar or not what you expect ( that’s the point . 2) bug guard 3) magic !!! 4) down force for better handling. 5) comfy despite what haters who have never seen one say. 6) yes, why when it’s easier to tow or put things in a vehicle 7) Roadsters G,R, and a few B variants got out before govermedia employee E. Musk and every other later liar who calls himself a founder started with the mirrors… ask E. Musk why. 8) you don’t have snow brush / broom technology in your society, you know it’s illegal to drive without clearing the snow off … right ? 9) Model X ‘s will be the fastest of the Tesla vehicles, how do I know ? ask Bob Wilson of WTNH channel 8 about the taped interview in a snow storm of me with the first Model XXX with Mattracks. ( or the couple I towed out of a snow bank earlier that night on I-91 north of Hartford, CT. ) 10) ancient Chinese secret, I can’t tell you. @ nea_caisa don’t think I’m a hater when I call an idea I’ve never seen in person : stupid repeatedly with vaguely racist references and F.U.D. …. we don’t want you in the Tesla community anyway. ……. 😛


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  4. purrpullberra says:

    The doors will be a HUGE hit. Wait. Rappers won’t drive it… for real!? OH NO. They’re doomed… DOOMED I tell ya!
    What a fucking joke!
    The doors will be an attraction and a LOT of soccer moms will want this as will their clever kids. No one says the ModelX has to be fit for millions of families, Tesla only hope to sell 50k a year or so. I don’t think they’ll have any problems selling every one.
    There’s nothing like it. The only supposed drawbacks to the falcon doors melt away when you realize that it won’t matter that some folks don’t want the ModelX due to the doors. Enough people do want the cars to make the fave naysayers argument meaningless. Well, MORE meaningless. 😉


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