China — Keepin’ it real

Youxia X TeslaMondoThe more EVs, the merrier. TeslaMondo wants to see Tesla become the leader of a big segment instead of a small one. And Tesla needs Chinese entries to lubricate Tesla’s penetrative efforts there — all the more so with this Chinese stock market quake. Will the wealthy still part with the necessary $$ for a newfangled electric car, despite stock market jitters? Probably. Bonus: If you order one of these unpronounceable Chinese knockoffs, powered by Panasonic cells etc. etc., you’ll get to meet the real Daisy Duke (yep, that’s her in the image).

One thought on “China — Keepin’ it real

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    Where can I order the You’ chia with the Daisy Duke 2.0 option ? No, but seriously …I wish them luck. I wonder if they believe Elon Musk’s misinformation : that the Roadster, Model S, and Model X bodies are just aluminum and not a composite that Tesla Motors doesn’t have the tech to make after their stock is exhausted. If others try to reproduce the Tesla drive-train without the composite bodies or steel, catastrophic failures will ensue. 😛


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