Model X sports motorized spoiler

Model X rear spoiler TeslaMondoBusiness Insider made a big deal about those sensors yesterday — even drew red rings around them — but somehow failed to notice the motorized rear wing, or at least didn’t mention it. D’oh!

TeslaMondo has read half-baked theories about this mysterious spoiler, based on unconvincing Loch Ness Monster-quality imagery. But this photo leaves no doubt. That’s Nessie’s head for sure.

That wing must deploy at a certain speed, to help with aerodynamics. Either that or it exposes little nozzles that shoot black ink at pursuers.

This blacked-out, silent, all wheel drive stealth vehicle packed with gadgetry evokes memories of the Subaru Leone in the movie Cannonball Run. Maybe Tesla will name the black Model X color “cannonball” in homage?

Subaru Cannonball Run TeslaMondo


One thought on “Model X sports motorized spoiler

  1. Timmy says:

    I’ve thought, and even suggested “publicly” online, that they could do something similar to the front end above certain speeds to decrease the CdA. I’d love to see that implemented as well (though the idea was not generally well-received when and where I did express it).


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