Tesla’s “fundamental physics problem”

Willy Nelson TeslaMondo

Wet Willy. Yuck. But at least he’s not Full Nelson.

That’s the latest wet willy in this ongoing wet willy war between the battery crowd and the fuel cell, um, crowd. Toyota says Tesla and its BEV powertrain are rubbing the ceiling of real-world potential, due to the elemental limits of batteries and their charging requirements. Fuel cell vehicles, meanwhile, have more room to improve, while becoming a lot cheaper too, Toyota says.

There’s no need for one to eclipse the other. The world’s automotive fleet has room for more than one solution. Perhaps fuel cell vehicles, a.k.a. Rube Goldberg Transport, will indeed become the world’s powertrain of choice, eventually. Very eventually. But we’ll be too old to drive anyway, and we’ll be quite wealthy thanks to our timely investment in Tesla, which doesn’t have to win this wet willy war in order to prosper. The world needs battery technology, for cars and otherwise, and Tesla owns it.


One thought on “Tesla’s “fundamental physics problem”

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    I like Rube Goldberg machines, I just don’t want to buy / drive one. The fool cell crowd also “forgets” that fuel cells are just another : lug-a-generator / BEV ( small battery ) hybrid. The real motive for the *” anti-BEV ” * ( really anti-Tesla ) crowd is status-quo : dealers, politicians, oil interests, gas stations, …etc. B-)


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