About that doubling of Gig property

Gigafactory One TeslaMondo

A slide from the Tesla Energy debut.

Musk, during May conference call: “We’re actually trying to figure out if we can go from our current production target of thirty-five gigawatt hours at the cell level and fifty at the pack level in our Nevada plant to maybe fifty percent more than that or even higher. Because, just the sheer volume of demand here is just staggering.” Soon after that conference call, Tesla bought more land at the Gig site. The media caught wind of that acquisition only recently, but it’s actually old news.


2 thoughts on “About that doubling of Gig property

  1. If Musk & co can get production up high enough, they’re in a pretty fantastic position to shake up the battery industry radically.

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  2. It’s great that you pointed out the fact that this info has basically been announced already but almost no one heard it buried in so much other Tesla news. (The other story on this was great.) I think the solar panel explanation is lacking, why not cover the GF itself? And even then there is the geothermal works that are coming (supposedly). Frankly it would make more sense to build more GF and then put panels on top of that.
    And I’m not so sure that all of this is going to be for production of batteries. I think it may make sense to actually build some Model3’s at the GF to ship to all of North America allowing the Freemont built cars to be the ones shipped overseas. So, I’m imagining that 1/3 of the new land is for vehicle production and 2/3 is for more batteries, enough car production to build another 100k Model3’s a year.
    And it helps spread out Tesla risk to build cars in another state. Concentrating Tesla operations in a small area of N Cali. is not the most prudent business plan.
    I’m thinking that this has to be directly related to getting the Model3 out on time as that is the next make-or-break deadline. ModelX is almost irrelevant next to getting the Model3 right and on time. Investing this much cash at this point when they are “burning cash” seems reckless unless it is basically required to help get the first Model3’s out of the factory ASAP. Would they spend many millions at this point in time to further the growth of Tesla Energy alone? I think it could be a production facility too, to hedge the bet that some Model3’s make it out to the public. That makes the most sense to me.


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