Bigger boat on the way

Gigafactory TeslaMondoThe Gigafactory is getting supersized, and then some. The original 1,000 acre-project is indeed inadequate, as predicted here a few weeks back. Turns out the finished product will make the original proposal look like a Microfactory.

Don’t bother watching this whole video.

* Skip to 6:47 and you’ll hear this: “They bought a thousand acres to start with. Now they just bought another twelve hundred acres last week. Now they’re buying another three hundred and fifty acres.”

* Skip to 13:27 and you’ll hear this: “Panasonic is bringing fourteen other companies, besides them, over here, to provide for Tesla.”

Tesla Energy faces overwhelming demand, remember? Here’s some cut-and-paste from a while back:

“The sheer volume of demand here is just staggering,” says Musk. It’s already strong enough to devour the capacity of Gigafactory One. The company might allocate more Gig space for Tesla Energy. Musk: “I think we’ll see demand for stationary storage, as measured in megawatt hours or gigawatt hours, to be approximately double that of the car. That’s our best guess for long-term demand.” Powerpack demand is likely five to ten times bigger than Powerwall demand. Musk: “We’ve had 2,500 requests from companies that want to distribute and install Powerwall and Powerpack. We can’t even respond to them.”

So either we all misunderstood the original scope of Gigafactory One, or we’re witnessing the expansion of Gigafactory One, or we’re witnessing the birth of Gigafactory Two on the same property.

Update, July 13: The WSJ has awoken from its coma. Turns out a big chunk of the new land is earmarked for a “solar array.” Hmm. The original Gig rendering showed the roof covered with solar panels, with a wind farm nearby.

So who is going to pay for a full build-out in Storey County, and when? Time to go into a quiet room by yourself, play some Philip Glass, and ponder all of this. Why Glass? Look at the Gigafactory. It’s a modular, repeating pattern that forms a minimalist but imposing finished product. Why hasn’t anyone chosen Glass for the soundtrack to the recent drone flyovers?


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