Students begging for “scaled” grades

California EV mandate TeslaMondoWhen an entire class is failing, the teacher sometimes saves face by “scaling” everyone’s grades so nobody flunks. Usually it benefits the worst-performming students, while the A students get nothing out of it. Well, in California, underperforming automakers — which means almost all of them — are pushing to get their failing EV marks “scaled” in a way, so they won’t have to blow as much money on their lackluster EV efforts or even buy credits from Tesla. Basically, they’re looking to get a passing grade without doing their homework. Will the teacher cave in and scale the grades?


2 thoughts on “Students begging for “scaled” grades

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    Some call it grading on a curve, I call it : ( burning govermedia R&D money with nothing to show for it. ) business as usuall. 😛


  2. Aron says:

    Well Bobby, the new foreign exchange student from South Africa got a perfect score. So was the test really too hard, or were you just huffing gasoline again?


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