Honda’s latest hit should tell us something

Honda HRV TeslaMondoPeople obviously relish small hatch-SUV-wagon things with optional AWD. Honda just sold almost 6,500 HRVs in its two debut weeks, even though the vehicle offers the sex appeal of an Amish water closet, and even though Honda hasn’t yet run a single advertisement for this sub-CRV entry.

Fast forward circa 2017: Tesla apparently will release an AWD crossover version of the Model III. So says the WSJ today — while providing neither a link nor a direct quote. Apparently we’re supposed to take the WSJ’s word for it. But anyway, let’s assume this crossover Model III is indeed the “more adventurous” version Musk has hinted. The overnight success of Honda’s flaccid blob suggests Tesla’s virile alternative cannot possibly arrive soon enough. Undoubtedly Toyota will rush back into this space, after pulling the plug on the Matrix a few years ago when it should have developed it further. D’oh! Here’s a window of opportunity for Tesla to enter a hot segment before one of the sleeping giants wakes up. Sure, Tesla’s entry will cost more, but by 2017 Tesla’s brand cachet will have people digging between their sofa pillows to find change for their Tesla fund.

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4 thoughts on “Honda’s latest hit should tell us something

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  3. […] The US is going cuckoo for crossovers just as Tesla tools up for a sedan. Of course, the Model 3 preorders bespeak very strong interest in this particular sedan, but imagine if a similarly-priced Tesla crossover were also available for pre-orders. Which would have more pre-orders right now? How about in 2020? This consumer shift to wee-beastie SUVs isn’t letting up. Toyota thinks the RAV will soon outsell the Camry, the stalwart of what Bloomberg calls a “diminishing family sedan market.” Honda can’t make enough HR-Vs. […]


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