What’s up with these Tesla patents?

Expanding on the patent porn in the previous post, here are some oddball Tesla patents that have received little or no discussion on the net.

This first one did get some attention in EV forums. It’s a dual-battery powertrain, lithium-ion and metal-air, with one serving as the primary workhorse and the other an auxiliary backup for a selectable extended-range mode.

Patent 1

This second patent is even farther astray from the Tesla powertrain we know. It involves a fuel-burning “generator” to boost battery life. In other words, a Tesla hybrid! Mind you, this one is pretty old. It seems Tesla simply leapfrogged it. Musk, as you know, has called hybrid cars “amphibians” doomed to evolutionary obsolescence.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 8.46.08 AM

And this third one is a total mystery, at least to TeslaMondo. It appears to be a seat with anti-whiplash airbags that instantly maneuver the back and headrest into ideal crash position. Google patented a similar thing years ago. Mercedes uses headrest airbags in some models, too.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.18.35 AM


4 thoughts on “What’s up with these Tesla patents?

  1. Awesome idea. Probably shouldn’t be patentable as it is painfully obvious.
    Great idea. 15-20 years ago the Prius was green high-tech. My only guess is that Tesla are envisioning a time where an ICE exists, of tiny size and better efficiency than any sort of hybrid ICE we can predict coming in the near future. If the ‘generator’ were small&light enough and the fuel tank was small&light enough and the range gained could be significant Tesla could see a use for such a system in an EV of theirs. As an option probably.
    No, it’s gotta be a fuel cell ‘generator’! LOL
    Good thinking. How much will that cost to perfect and implement?
    All told, not a huge treasure trove of intellectual property but it is nice to free up technology.


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  4. […] Originally published on TeslaMondo. […]


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