Universal language of aggression?

So what new information does this image offer?

1. Perhaps we can see what Elon means by the door opening “framing” the second row seat.
2. The transition from windshield to roof seems to, um, not exist. Or does this photo suffer from a simple case of awkward lighting?
3. And we still can’t tell what the “face” really looks like. Sheesh.
4. If Google can build a Karate Kid robot, then Tesla can build a Karate Kid car.

FYI, some patents:

Model X
Dual-hinged vehicle door

Model X with door open TeslaMondoKarate Kid robot TeslaMondo

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3 thoughts on “Universal language of aggression?

  1. Very interesting. I can’t see how the second row seat is going to live up to the ‘hype’. The falcon wing door OTOH I can see being THE coolest car features since the ModelS’s 17″ touchscreen. But this feature makes this vehicle THE one everyone wants instead of any other crossover, SUV or people-hauler of any kind. Kids will BEG parents to get the Tesla. Even if it proves to be somewhat problematic it will be well worth it.
    Tesla needs PR and free, spontaneous PR that seeds and feeds itself is the ultimate reason this door exists. (Whether Tesla intended that at the time the door was ok’d or not.)
    The face is looking like it might be a LOT more mature and slightly menacing which is the perfect attitude for the ModelX.
    I love the look of the hood-into-windshield-into-the-roof appearance. Let’s hope the final product is so fluid and beautifully done.


  2. […] Originally published on TeslaMondo. […]


  3. […] Originally published on TeslaMondo. […]


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