Your very own Supercharger?

A Swedish businessman has ordered two Superchargers from Tesla, for his employee parking lot. Has a new trend begun? Will an on-site Tesla Supercharger cluster become a prerequisite for any “happening” company? And what about households? Has Tesla already received inquiries from wealthy households about installing a SC on-site? Seems likely. With Tesla’s product line about to double this year, and then triple in a couple more years, we’re bound to see quite a few multi-Tesla homes. A home Supercharger might make sense. But is such a thing even possible, or is there some mechanical or legal hindrance? Maybe someone will ask about private Superchargers at the shareholder meeting tonight.


2 thoughts on “Your very own Supercharger?

  1. Awesome idea depending on the business and location. I think it could be the start of a wave of people buying Superchargers, for public use, to get in the Tesla game. These folks could become an obvious place to start a sort of independent franchise (that is 100% free of any traditional dealership people) that is run by non-car dealer people. I’d say that should become part of the company’s official policy, never allow anyone who ever had business with, owned or worked at any traditional dealership or service center or any affiliated businesses.
    Keep the poison out. Or keep the enemy outside of the company. Prevent that mindset from infecting the company.


  2. Jim young says:

    Does anyone know the price of these.


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