Shareholder meeting summary

Powerwall just doubled its output for the same price and Model X “may arguably be a better SUV than the Model S is a sedan” and Tesla’s CFO is retiring and Model X should score five NHTSA stars in every category and no that isn’t commonplace and there’s definitely something up Elon’s sleeve regarding second row Model X seating since he often mentions those darned second row seats and it’s very difficult to get the Model X to tip over and autopilot features should reduce insurance premiums and the company’s new paint facility will be the world’s best and Model III will have optional dual-motor AWD and the new 70D comprises about a third of Model S orders and lots of people somehow missed the fact that dual-motor means AWD and liquid-cooled Supercharger cables are coming soon with easier handling and long-term potential to handle more juice and every Supercharger with adequate solar exposure will eventually become solar-powered with battery backup and some lady suggested Tesla stop using leather because it hurts animals and that about sums it up and go ahead and watch the whole thing if you’ve got the time.


3 thoughts on “Shareholder meeting summary

  1. I bet the Powerwall specs will undergo further refining as the GF gets closer to final production. Until then I think they will all be closer to experimental, hand-built, pre-production modules used in public beta tests (that you pay for!).
    I bet he’s talking about having a more complete and ‘user-friendly’ interior from the outset. Passengers aren’t afterthoughts as with the ModelS (relatively speaking). Kids as passengers weren’t thought of much after the jump seats. Not knocking the car at all but it does have room for improvement.
    Retirement of an exec after going through Tesla’s meteoric rise seems reasonable. I understand it can be an incredibly stressful thing to be a Tesla employee and it’s probably more so for an exec. I hope Elon doesn’t wear out. I doubt it’s going to make a difference regarding the business.
    I guess I should be curious about this now, I wasn’t before.
    Leather helps make the most use of the animals that are born, raised and slaughtered for meat. I suppose a vegan alternative could be sourced but at what cost and will vegans be willing to pay that?
    Of course the Model3 will have every possible option available, that helps raise average transaction price. There is usually much higher profit margin on options so duh, they’ll do everything they can to offer all sorts of options.
    Superchargers continuing to be upgraded has got to scare the crap out of the other guys who are trying to match Tesla with their own EV’s. The network doesn’t just expand but it gets demonstrably better at an unbelievable rate.

    Still, I expect a little volatility with the stock price over the next week or so 😉
    I, on the other hand, remain a stalwart long and have never even considered selling. And I believe that’s true for those who represent a majority of the stock ownership.
    This is all good news and it’s getting really exciting as the ModelX release nears.


  2. vfxx says:

    …and the Model III base package will be two wheel drive and a AWD option will be offered.


  3. vfxx says:

    …And Tesla just passed 1 Billion miles…


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