Retracting door handle vs. fingers

Watch a man intentionally get his fingers caught in a retracting Model S door handle — and suffer the brutal consequences.

Tesla door handle closing on fingers TeslaMondo

5 thoughts on “Retracting door handle vs. fingers

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    Must be nice, having no problems and having time for making up fake ones. 😛


  2. M.H. Kane says: Were they really hoping for a feral Austrailian boomerang Tesla ?


  3. tesla-driver says:

    I have a 2013 Model S and early on, got pinched numerous times by the door handles and yes it HURT. My wife, same thing, including damaging a fingernail, and that was enough; two years on, and she’s still hesitant to mess with the door handles.

    All these TMC participants mocking the OP… typical TMC pack mentality. The reality is, it is possible to get pinched in the handles and it hurts. I suspect the handles have improved over time, and most people with post-20K VINs have better handles.


  4. M.H. Kane says:

    @ tesla-driver What TMC participants are you referring to ? That is an oddly specific straw-man for a concern-troll who doesn’t own a Tesla to make. If your comment is for my two previous posts maybe you would enjoy a Henny Youngman joke : Henny : Doc it HURTS when I do this * Moves hand * Doctor replies : Well don’t DO THAT THEN. 😛


  5. tesla-driver says:



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