Sure ’nuff, gas prices mean nada

Seems the press can’t agree on whether the hybrid/EV market is super hot or super cold right now. Sales are up, but market share is down. Only one thing is clear: Tesla is Teflon to these low gas prices. The Model S, and soon the X, scoff at the price of crude, and nerdly ROI concerns, and all other detriments to fuel-efficient car sales.

That’s because Tesla sells unique products that appeal to an elusive neighborhood of the human brain where automotive excitement and green credibility skip happily along the street together, holding hands, blissfully unaware that they’d be segregated just about anywhere else.

Tesla’s resilience to gas fluctuation bodes well for the Model III. As predicted here, cheap gas won’t seriously harm sales of the “affordable” Tesla, because driving one will instantly erase your frown lines and handsome-up your pecs. Bonus: You won’t be a BMW A-hole.

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