It’s good to be back above $250

Cup and underwire pattern

image That was then. This is now.

Congratulations to the TSLA faithful who never wavered despite a mentally taxing fall and winter. We knew these last few months would form a third cup in Tesla’s chart. Okay, so the cup was supposed to be fully-formed by Q1 but will stretch to Q3. That’s due to the Model X delay.

We patiently waited for Model X prototypes to hit the web, and for Tesla to launch its then-unnamed battery business. Done, and done. Tesla Energy is getting base hits all over the field. Seems every day we read about a new partner ready, willing and excited to carry Tesla Energy batteries. So now we’re back above $250/share, with Model X still in the on-deck circle, China still untapped as far as we know, and masochistic TSLA shorts still contributing potential energy. It’s all about to turn very kinetic.

Seems we’ll easily top $300 by year’s end, yet nobody will have a sensible argument about overvaluation. Tesla Energy kinda defuses the “nosebleed” market cap objections we’ve heard since 2013. Care to compare the prospects of Tesla’s battery division with GM’s (fill in the blank) division? Probably not.

Care to call Tesla a one-trick pony when its follow-up effort, the Model X, makes the Cayenne seem like a grunting warthog in heat? Care to argue that Tesla has lost its competitive edge when the S and X routinely drive themselves down the highway while Volvos can’t drive 20 feet without making fools of themselves?

This game is getting mighty interesting again. The crowd is getting back into it. Aren’t you glad you bought season tickets?


One thought on “It’s good to be back above $250

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    Volvo # Hold my beer & watch this crash-test dummy stand-in 😉


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