Australia the next Norway

Want to read some single-minded praise for Tesla? Just look for any URL with an “au” suffix. Australia is shaping up to be California or Norway writ large. Every Aussie publication loves the Model S, which debuted in December. And now it seems Australia is saying to Tesla Energy, “Where’ve you been all my life?” About 2.4 million Australian households are willing to spend up to $10,000 on a home battery system, even if payback takes a decade, says here.

The island is the birthplace of the Green Party and does have some active EV advocacy. Government incentives? Not exactly Norway-caliber, as expressed here. This blogger makes a convincing case for Australia to eliminate its luxury car tax for zero-emissions vehicles, since it already rewards lower emissions. But maybe it doesn’t matter. Australians are the richest people in the world.

Sounds pretty ripe for Tesla, eh? Investors rejoice! It’s raining spiders! Hallelujah!

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