Another Chinese city waives plate lottery

Tesla flatbed USA Today TeslaMondoShanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and now Tianjin. All now usher Tesla buyers past the agita of license plate rationing, thanks to their intriguing zeroemissionishness. Beijing next? Nobody even asked about China during the last conference call. It seems analysts have put the subject on ice for a while. And as for the press, well, it’s too busy pondering the really important stuff, such as . . . door handles. Consumer Reports says its P85D tester had a faulty door handle. Tesla fixed it on the spot. Yet for much of the day yesterday, USA Today illustrated the story with an image of a Model S on a flatbed. Someone needs to tell USA Today about implicative imagery. No, about journalism in general. Then again, we all know USA Today isn’t exactly the New York Times. Or is it?

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One thought on “Another Chinese city waives plate lottery

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    China, doing things that make sense … meanwhile Tesla Motors makes cars in a country where they are illegal in some places and the Govermedia installs CEOs and fake back stories. 😛


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