SWL Man to the rescue

Strongly-worded letter man TeslaMondo

Strongly-Worded Letter Man, cousin of the ordinary Letter Man from Schoolhouse Rock.

The FTC’s latest strongly-worded letter is nice, but will it matter? TeslaMondo has compiled a recent history of strongly-worded letters about Tesla and its retailing endeavors. With any luck, these strongly-worded letters will mount to the point where they threaten to bury the dealer lobby in a landslide of strongly-worded letters. They do weigh something, you know, en masse, and carry the threat of paper cuts too.

* Consumer groups issued a strongly-worded letter.
* A motley crew from various backgrounds issued a strongly-worded letter.
* The FTC issued this strongly-worded letter a while back. Yes, the recent strongly-worded letter to Michigan was actually the second.
* A posse of economists and law professors threw their intellectual weight behind this strongly-worded letter.
* The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers isn’t happy with dealers either. Even they issued a strongly worded letter, or a least a strongly-worded statement to the press.
* And GM cried “No fair” in this strongly-worded letter arguing that if Tesla can sell factory-direct, why can’t GM? TeslaMondo readers know GM and Ford both tried and failed in 1999.

Ranked by potency, the FTC’s strongly-worded letters probably pack the most punch. Since the FTC is all about fostering competition for consumer benefit, it’s hard to trust dealer arguments that they foster competition. You may recall that nobody trusts dealerships or their only chums: politicians. Both consistently rank lowest in Gallup polls on professional ethics. And we also know that dealers do a poor job of peddling electric vehicles.

Say, this compilation of SWLs could, by proxy, render this a strongly-worded post.

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One thought on “SWL Man to the rescue

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    The IIHS ranked every vehicle in the Model X ‘s class not great , (when the Model X ‘s crash tests are released.) expect the Model X to dominate this metric too. 😀


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