And now for something completely different: a little humility

The last post was all about ruffled egos and fragile feathers, or something like that. This one is about Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, who tells Reuters he met with Elon Musk and is “incredibly impressed with what that kid has done.” There now. It is indeed possible to give credit where it’s due, without harming your own image. Marchionne does peddle the Maserati line, you know, so he has something to lose by giving props to Tesla. You should reward Marchionne by buying a Fiat 500e. Make it two. But reading between the lines, perhaps Marchionne is pumping up Tesla because there’s a Maserati-Tesla “thing” in the works. If that’s the case, then he’s really not conceding anything, the sly dog. You should punish him by buying a Fiat 500e.

In the same Reuters interview, Marchionne tattle-taled on Apple, confirming that Apple is indeed working on a car. He knows because he met with Tim Cook. Well now, if Apple’s car will be electric, it’s going to be pretty hard to benchmark Tesla, given Tesla’s massive lead, sustained pace, and soon to be home-grown battery supply. Apple needs a slower-moving benchmark. A bit of an also-ran. Let’s see. How ’bout the Fiat 500e?

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