Model X without camo?

Model X undisguised TeslaMondoIt has the same license plate number as the black prototype seen here. This latest image gives the illusion of a wider rear track. That IS INDEED an illusion, right?

You may recall the Model X was supposed to be geared toward women. And yet, when painted black, and fitted with those black sneakers, it looks quite estrogen-deprived. Good to see a gender-neutral design.

Looks like the motorized door handles from the Model S will see production here. Nice character line anchoring the bottom of the suicide doors too. And is the rear window really THAT long? If so, Tesla has figured out a way to create a sexy SUV design that affords a decent rear view. Speaking of rear view, those side members look like mirrors, not cameras. When O when will the NHTSA rule on side cameras? A posse of automakers submitted its camera proposal over a year ago.

TeslaMondo lifted this latest image from here.


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