Elon again confusing the press

The press repeatedly warns us that Tesla Motors might succumb to competition. Never mind the fact that Tesla is trying to foster competition with its open-patent philosophy. Well now Tesla Energy is generating identical headlines, despite an identical open-patent stance.

Why does the press insist on telling war stories during peacetime? Two reasons. First, because it brings the clicks. And second, because Elon’s behavior makes everyone wonder if this is really peacetime. On the car end of the business, he laughed at BMW and BYD in interviews. Ditto for SpaceX/Boeing. Laughing is a pretty odd olive branch. And now on the battery end of things, he boasted to Reuters that Tesla has a commanding first-place lead: “We’re just not aware of who would even really be second, honestly.”

Is he trying to egg on competitors by boasting? That’s one way to look at it. But the other way is this: He doesn’t really want competition. Even the open-source thing might be a diss, i.e. “Let’s see if you can build this and price it like this, suckers.”

And so the war-mongering headlines will continue despite Tesla’s patent-sharing gestures. That’s certainly no reason to sell your shares of TSLA. It’s just one of many Tesla paradoxes. But if Tesla wants the press to stop telling war stories during peacetime, Elon needs to put his cannon away.


2 thoughts on “Elon again confusing the press

  1. vfxx says:

    Competition VS Effort.
    Elon laughs because the the “competitors” are not really putting in a real effort. BMW does not want their electric car to sales spank all their other cars so they make is a punishment car http://teslarumors.com/HowTeslaBegan that is not nearly as cool as they are capable. Even BMW is surprised how well the I3 is selling based just on brand, subsidies, and EV advantages, despite the design shackles. Elon laughs at the compliance cars like the I3 because it’s not as good as it could be and everyone in the room knows it. He would probably poach the frustrated BMW designers and CF experts give them something cool to build. Then they could all have a good laugh.

    Competition VS Evolution
    Boeing has improved the capsule landing by a small increment with air bags. Pretty much what the Russians have been doing for 50 years. Adding rockets and computers to make a pinpoint landing is a huge jump showing what’s possible today. Elon laughs and everybody in the auditorium joins in. Cause it’s a joke that needs no embellishment. Boeing bounces and Tesla trounces.

    Competition VS “Your Mother”
    BYD makes your grandmothers car. When Tesla’s Roadster is compared to a Ferrari, Lotus or a Jaguar and the Model S styling is compared to Jaguar, Maserati and a (fill in any luxury EU sedan here) And BYD makes practical cars your Nana would drive. So the cool kid has a laugh at the kid whose over protective budget-minded mom dresses him.


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