Let the groveling begin for Gig 2

Tesla Gigafactory One TeslaMondo

The Gigafactory as presented April 30

A couple of TeslaMondo predictions came true during the April 30 battery event. Relatively safe predictions, yes, but still:

1. Tesla spun off the battery operation under a new name devoid of “motors.”
2. The Gigafactory became Gigafactory One. The first in a series. Did politicians notice that subtle shift? Particularly, the political leaders in New Mexico, Texas, California and Arizona? If so, what are they thinking now? Probably that it’s time to restart Operation Kiss-Ass. California Sen. Ted Gaines, maybe you should pull that ol’ golden shovel out of the closet for another go-around. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, time to make like Rick Perry and rent another Model S. And the southwestern states that still ban Tesla sales should probably, uh, STOP doing that, eh, and instead search their dumpsters for the “Welcome Tesla” packages they tossed in frustration.

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4 thoughts on “Let the groveling begin for Gig 2

  1. […] Let The Groveling Begin For Gig 2 […]


  2. Mike D says:

    Tesla at the start noted that they would need a few more battery factories. Some people do not think far enough into the future. To replace the current USA auto manufacturing capacity we will need about twenty of these…


  3. Time to start groveling for the Terafactory and the Petafactory.


  4. B. Pearson says:

    Tesla Powerwall and PowerPacks, not clear to what they include except an array of storage high density batteries more than likely? Mounted on a wall but, are these units recessed into the dry wall giving the appearance of a flat surface? Also, Tesla seems so enamored with Solar they have forgotten wind power is also quite viable, especially some some smaller new one’s I’ve found are very interesting and seems to bypass the solar features with ease. Lots of hype Tesla and PR but, what’s really new besides exterior design?


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