Episode III: Tesla Energy is born

Tesla Energy TeslaMondoProctor & Gamble this morning reports a sudden surge of interest in Head & Shoulders shampoo. That’s because half the world is covered in dandruff from head-scratching all night.

Like the birth of hybrid and electric cars, the birth of Tesla Energy seems a mix of excitement and — judging from reader commentary everywhere — confusion. Excitement because the home batteries are sexier, cheaper and more quickly available than expected. Confusion because, as with a new type of car, many folks are wrestling with real-world usability, cost-benefit analyses, safety concerns and a new vocabulary. Tesla would do well to post a glossary of terms on its website. When will Tesla Energy get its own site?

As with hybrids and electric cars, the trail to mass adoption will be blazed by early adopters from two categories:

1. Tech-savvy geeks. They know the science, understand the lexicon and are not afraid.
2. Celebrities. Famous entertainers made the Prius fashionable. Ditto Tesla. Similarly, Tesla Energy will quickly earn social credibility as big-name clients sign on. We already have Wal-Mart and Target. More heavy-hitters are sure to follow.

So, will people click the “buy” button on Tesla’s site? Yes, but better education would bring more clicks sooner. TeslaMondo would like to see the following support stucture ASAP:

* Tesla’s site needs a better layman’s guide to home battery tech. Think Powerwall for Dummies. This page strives for a simple and clean sales pitch, but it still assumes people understand daily vs weekly cycle, watt hours etc., and leans heavily on solar integration while hinting that non-solar clients can use it too. More clarity needed.
* A home-energy tool. You should be able to plug in your location, square footage, list your appliances, and pop in any other variables required, and then get an estimate of how many batteries you’ll need, total cost of installation etc. There can never be enough hand-holding.
* Regional specialists to handle these four questions. They are crucial to the sale:

1. How many will I need?
2. Total cost, installed?
2. How much will I save per month?
3. Total blackout survival time?

Episode I
Episode II

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2 thoughts on “Episode III: Tesla Energy is born

  1. Andy says:

    good news, teslaenergy.com redirects to powerwall…so I’m guessing it is on its way.


  2. BEP says:

    No JB Straubel again… oh well.
    Interesting to note that the Gigafactory is no more. It’s the Gigafactory 1 now.


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