Cumin’ Atcha Live

Tesla rock band TeslaMondo“Tesla doesn’t have to go after the market. The market will come to them.” That’s a Hawaiian Electric Co. spokesman, on the subject of Tesla’s new not-a-car product line.

Kinda sounds like the car side of Tesla’s business, at least ex-China. The market comes to Tesla, as pre-orders of the Model X will attest. Assuming Tesla receives a proportionate amount of interest in batteries, it will need a second Gigafactory pronto.

So, will today’s event ease anxiety about Model S delivery numbers? Will pundits will stop comparing Tesla’s P/E ratio and overall valuation to GM, Ford and the other woolly mammoths of the car biz? Will people stop whining that Tesla merely pushes carbon pollution upstream, from car to powerplant? After all, with this “missing piece” on your wall, the energy stream can start on your roof and end in your garage, with a crucial reservoir along the way for stability.

Will Tesla drop “Motors” from the name, or give a separate name to this new spinoff business? The company did just hire a big crew for battery storage — remember? These workers won’t touch cars, so why should they have “motors” on their business cards? Will a big company feel comfortable buying energy storage from Tesla “Motors”?

Maybe at this event, we’ll see a little less Telo Musk and more JB Straubel, so newbies will learn that Tesla is more than a billionaire’s pet project. Not that there’s anything wrong with hearing from Elon Secretion. But as Tesla grows new tentacles, it should also grow new talking heads.

Tesla's Missing Piece TeslaMondo

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2 thoughts on “Cumin’ Atcha Live

  1. […] “Tesla doesn’t have to go after the market — the market will come to them.” […]


  2. […] “Tesla doesn’t have to go after the market — the market will come to them.” […]


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