Another day, another Gig skeptic

This time it’s a Fortune writer. The thesis? Tesla is making a reckless commitment to aging Li-ion technology while a battery breakthrough surely looms, um, just around the next turn. We’ve heard this before, even from Darth Dieter. And we already know Musk’s response, which is basically, “Put up or shut up.” And nobody has put up. And we know CTO JB Straubel wisely points out that waiting is not an option. But here are some under-utilized comebacks:

1. The Prius does just fine with very stale Ni-MH. You don’t need to employ the very latest tech, unless your ego insists. You need trusted tech at the right price.
2. Let’s say Tesla went all-in on some newfangled, unproven battery tech that shows great laboratory promise but has never lived in a single production automobile. Just imagine the headlines.
3. Let’s say Tesla decided to sit and wait for a new technology to prove itself in the auto world. That could take several years. How would the company grow in the meantime? It wouldn’t. Just imagine the headlines.

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3 thoughts on “Another day, another Gig skeptic

  1. vfxx says:

    The Roadster was built on a cell form factor that was PROVEN over a decade of Laptop, and power tool use. The robust lithium technology with Tesla’s battery coddling in 2,500 silent quick sports cars is the only reason we see 300,000 EVs on the road today. Going with a new unproven tech would be a risk that a GM or Toyota could adsorb if they have a brick. Tesla taking that risk would put them in Fisker flirtin’ territory.

    If I were a Lab and had invented a new battery tech I would not only be an amazing canine, but I would reach out to, I don’t know, maybe the company that purchases more cells than any other company* on the planet? If there was a better battery that works, Tesla would know about it first.

    *JB has said they are not the biggest buyer but I suspect they might be the biggest one that buys cells of all the exact same size.


  2. Michael B. says:

    And how about,

    90% of the gluten-free gigafactory will be readily adaptable in the off-chance that some new battery breakthrough comes along, so it would be wise to build it in any case.


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