Toyota Mirai piles on the B.S.

Toyota Mirai bullshit video TeslaMondoObviously still stinging from Elon’s off-hand “bullshit” remark (skip to 29:15), Toyota has produced a video that purports to show the Mirai can run on cow manure. A stretch of the truth? Surely. And the video naturally skips over the energy-intensive and uncouth Rube Goldberg process for turning hydrogen into automotive fuel — the very reason why it’s bullshit. But it does show some (gallows) humor.

TeslaMondo’s position is that fuel cell vehicles are a benign anti-ICE effort, not a threat to Tesla’s business. Flinging dung at the Mirai only suggests paranoia. Why fret in 2015 over some high-stakes showdown between Tesla and Bullshit that may never occur given the vastness of the market and superseding changes to the entire automotive sphere?

Still, it’s fun to watch the Clash of the Tech Titans. Will Tesla respond with a video of its own? This could turn into another Mercedes vs. Jaguar video duel. Remember those bouncing chickens?


One thought on “Toyota Mirai piles on the B.S.

  1. vfxx says:

    Those piles out in the pasture? Oh yeah, those are the failed carcasses of old Mirais.


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