Sell it once. Sell it twice.

Tesla has begun selling certified used cars. This means selling the same cars a second time — double dipping — and without a middleman either time. Kaching! and more Kaching! Could this be the “secret weapon” that works against dealers? Probably not. First, Tesla openly talked about planning a certified used program. And second, the secret weapon was supposed to drive new-car volume. Or so we assume.

Kristin Paget TeslaMondo

Paging Kristin Paget. You’re wanted back at HQ.

Apparently some prankster deployed a secret weapon of his own today, and hacked Tesla’s website and Elon’s Twitter account. Tin-hatters rejoice! The Tesla apocalypse is nigh!


2 thoughts on “Sell it once. Sell it twice.

  1. TeeJay says:

    Sell it once. Sell it twice. A CPO Tesla is quite, quite nice.


  2. vfxx says:

    Another well known Tesla business that naysayer prognosticators have totally ignored.


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