Second Gigafactory inevitable

Criswell predicts TeslaMondoTesla tends to misjudge public response to its wares. And with the exception of China, it’s always been a pleasant surprise. It was forced to “anti-sell” the Model X to retain any hope of filling orders this century. It had to hurriedly adjust the Model S product mix to meet dual-motor demand. And now stationary storage is going to quickly outstrip the 30-percent allotment at the Gigafactory. In fact, Criswell predicts that before Gig One has spit forth a single vehicle, Tesla will already be taking bids for Gig Two.

The wholesale cost of a Li-ion/solar tag team is falling far faster than anyone predicted, even without the Gig. And Tesla’s brand equity is rising far faster than anyone predicted. Put this stuff together, and you have a very hip brand name selling a very affordable and very green power solution to an addressable market of, um . . . every entity you can think of, be it a school, big-box retailer, small business, homeowner, landlord, tenant.

Even if these entities haven’t yet “gone solar,” they could “go Tesla” — and gain instant credibility with business partners and/or retail customers and/or shareholders, not to mention save $$. You can’t afford a Tesla car, even the III? You can still own a Tesla. Show it off on your wall, even.

By 2020, the world will demand a lot more capacity than one third of one G. We’re going to need a bigger boat, captain. And eventually, a vast fleet of boats.Bigger Boat TeslaMondo

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One thought on “Second Gigafactory inevitable

  1. vfxx says:

    The profits are much much greater selling direct. Would not be surprised to see a giga build of service centers to handle Tesla sales.

    Crowsourced cars are at:

    Elon’s handshake with Larry confirms when it’s Musk out.


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